Heart Model Salt Lamp

Heart Model Salt Lamp

Heart model salt lamps are among our favorite products in terms of both appearance and quality. Accordingly, it can be used as a souvenir and it can take its place in the main town. At the same time, heart-shaped salt lamps, which are designed with different weights, are also known to prevent radiation and chronic discomfort. In this respect, our natural and healthy products are among the first choices of individuals. Heart pattern salt lamps are commonly used in bedrooms or halls of houses. In this respect, home decoration is made more successful. At the same time, the hosts who want to provide an authentic image can find their wishes with their heart model lamps.

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Double Heart Salt Lamp

The double heart shaped salt lamp comes with its natural shape and is shaped by hand work. Thanks to..

Ex Tax: $65.00

Picture Printed Heart Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp for a Healthy Breath!84 minerals The salt lamps made from the Çankırı rock salt increase t..

Ex Tax: $75.00

Serrated Heart Salt Lamp

Thanks to the negative ions it spreads, allergies, breathlessness and breathlessness are extremely b..

Ex Tax: $60.00