Flower Motif Vase Salt Lamp

Flower Motif Vase Salt Lamp

Our salt brass models, which have important salt caves of the world, are produced from the well-known Çankırı rock salt, which contains 84 minerals within the body of 92 minerals needed for human health. With the use of salt, the heat that the emperor has removed from the air releases 84 different minerals in the environment of minus ions. Also reviewed and approved by scientists recommended tuzlamba Turkey's first and largest manufacturer of Yaren tuzlamb to buy Tuzlamb difference with a mouse click away.

Benefits of Salting

The major benefits of saline, which releases minus ions and minus ion emissions, which are more apparent in the world and in our country each day than human health.

Thanks to the 84 minerals in it, it affects bone development positively.

It provides a healthy and comfortable sleep for you to clean and refresh the air you have.

There is a power-boosting effect that gives life to libido.

Provides toxin removal from the body.

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